Sunday, January 8, 2012

Girl Scout Fun Patch Sites

I am obsessed!!

Here's a favorite site b/c it's cheap:

I've also used these or had them recommended to me:

Here's a must-see site when you need  those all-important coffee drinking or iPod listening patches:

And this one for other unusual patches:

We ordered this adorable patch for a December animal shelter tour.

Maybe I'll need Disney patches.

How to attach the patches? Forget needle and thread. Fabric glue works for me.


  1. My name is Lisa and I'm obsessed with fun patches too! They gave me inspiration for activities my Daisies could do to earn their Petals. Thanks for this list because some sites had patches I'd never seen before.

  2. are the fun patches moved up on that sashes as the kids advance through scouts?

    I have a daisy and she has a few fun patches but when she bridges up to brownie can I or should I transfer all her run patches to her new sash or vest?

    1. Usually, fun patches remain on the vest, tunic, or sash and are not moved. Your daughter will earn more as a Brownie. :)

      WAGGS pins, membership pins, and Summit Awards are moved from one uniform to the next.

  3. Thank you for putting this site together. It is very helpful and I love the patches you have found. Have you ran across anywhere you can purchase the Patches for Active Troops? Thank you

  4. Thank you so much your links helped out a lot!!!!!

  5. I think moving patches up is a regional thing.... when I was a scout we always moved our patches up. As a Jr, my brownie try-its were on my Jr vest as well. This was very common where I was from. I've seen many girls move theirs up, so if you want to move them you should :)

  6. Do Fun Patches go in any certain place?